Pirates on the shores of Tirana and Skopje

Between February and June 2015, over 45 + local events called Pirates on Shore, are happening around Europe connecting entrepreneurs with Venture Capitalists and Business Angels.

The Master Minds of Pirate Summit have teamed up with VCs to gather after work at local tech hubs, and pitch, discuss, share and take startups to the next level. Pirates on Shore led by Till Ohrmann was already present in Tirana, Albania, this week at the Canadian Institute of Technology, where start-ups like, Amakids, e-waste management and Dentem, pitched their ideas to grab the attention of Stephane Gantchev and Luka SuÄ, who selected Dentem and Amakids as the official winners of the Tirana Evelnt.

Pirates on Shore moved their ship yesterday towards Skopje as well, where start-ups boxbee, and VapourApps, while the next destination for the events include Beirut, Cairo, Tehran, etc. All pitch startups tha be hand-selected and the winner earns a wildcard for the Pirate Summit Day 1 pitch competition.