Portifi, portable Wi-Fi abroad

Traditionally any trip abroad means a moment to ditch your smartphone, tablet or laptop and to save your bank account from the roaming charges. Going back even further there was a period when stepping abroad meant turning your top-spec smartphone into a data-free feature phone, while thanks to changes in legislation on roaming charges and an improved effort by networks to make things cheaper abroad, this is now changing.

Beyond the changes in the legislation we see entrepreneurs coming up with different solutions for different problems, and such is the case with the latest startup on our list – Portifi. Even if you travel to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zeland or Hong Kong, there is no need to worry about roaming charges at all. Instead of planning your trip around Internet cafes, hotel lounges or other free Wi-Fi spots, you will consider renting a Portifi.

The Portifi device allows you to connect up-to 5 of your devices simultaneously (phones, laptops and tablets) to a single Portifi where you will then be able to connect to the Internet while on the go. Prices are very competitive, starting from £31.95* while providing a very good service all throughout. You also can get it delivered to your home or your destination, whichever suits you best.

To check and rent yours now, visit There is a 25% discount for strictly for the readers of Digjitale so just enter voucher code: blogger123.