QuizUp launches brand new iPad app

Plain Vanilla Games, the studio behind the popular game QuizUp, a trivia app for iPhone, has launched today a new version of its application optimised for the iPad. The latest version offers easier navigation and more fun to play, especially if you’re taking on your opponent with a friend nearby.

QuizUp is an ultra-fun trivia app/game that gives the users the possibility to match up against friends or strangers on any numbers of topics. Players get points based on how quickly (and how correctly) they answer a series of six questions, then scores are tallied, and someone’s declared a winner. There are hundreds of topics to choose from, and based on information there are around 200,000 questions, which means you could play for days and never bump into the same questions.

QuizUP which not long has put Kosovo on the list of countries after being reached out by the digital community of Kosovo, has achieved to attract 10 million users since its launch, only on the iPhone so imagine what will happen when it expands to other platforms. QuizUP has raised $22 million from Sequoia, while the team has increased from seven employees a year ago to more than 40 today, and it continues to grow.