Rain, Sun, Inspiration and Fun at Dokutech 2018

A cold morning accompanied by rain, turned out quite nicely in the evening when the sun started to come out and reveal the magnificent set-up of the Dokutech 2018 edition hosted at the unique Termokiss venue in Prishtina, Kosovo, around which more than 600 people disembarked to not only listen to the talks but also check out the workshops, create music, network and attend many other side activities.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, a Danish designer, entrepreneur, and activist behind companies like Mondo, 23, Podio, the reboot festival, and TwentyThree, was the first keynote speaker of the conference focusing his talk on the future of technology and its relation to humans. “Tech is not above us. It should be governed by all of us”. He describes himself as a guy who helps to set the vision, getting the product right, designing commercial model, getting right people on board and getting to market.

Drena Kusari, who works at Lyft, one of the biggest transportation services in the world, highlighted the importance of shared driving and self-driving cars. “I want my children to have a future with safe roads, less traffic, and cleaner air, something we all aspire to have for a better future!” Drena went further on her talk emphasizing how cars are used only one hour on average out of the 24 hours of a day, while the remaining time they’re parked. “Basically LA is now more than 14% covered in parking areas, which is a vast area of occupied space that we need to take back”. 

Zak Batstone the founder of “Z Shoes” during a fireside chat with our Editor in Chief, Çelik Nimani, inspired the audience of Dokutech by sharing his journey on how to turn an idea to a product. The conversation was focused towards how the company Z Shoes started with the main goal to serve Generation Z, which are a new breed of customers that want to know more about the whereabouts of the product, what’s it made off, who makes it, etc. “Besides that, we also connect a cause to the products we sell and we give back to the causes, basically given people more reason behind why they should by a product.” said Zak.

Thorsten Wiedemann from A Maze Berlin hosted a session of Hypertalks, basically a session of 5-minute talks where people got the chance to share their story during a limited time.

Tomorrow is a new day at Dokutech and we’re gonna make sure to follow-up closely, but we can confirm that we’re going to see some exciting talks from Marko Rakar, Alex Qin, Boris Brkan and many more. Visit Dokutech’s Facebook page for more.

Images: Dokutech 2018