Ready for Bits and Pretzels 2018

Technology, entrepeunrship, and startups mixed with the Bavarian flavor create one of the most unique tech conferences in Europe. This year is no different from the previous years, with lots of technology, influencers, executives and enthusiasts coming down to the Munchen Messe for a fantastic experience at Bits & Pretzels 2018.

Bits & Pretzels, sold-out this year as well, is a 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators taking place from September 30 to October 2. Ever since we were part of the first edition back in 2016, Bits & Pretzels continues to amaze us with the huge crowd, amazing startups, and technology all around the event.

Although we didn’t see any famous Hollywood stars like last year, Kevin Spacey or Richard Branson, the speakers of this year didn’t disappoint. During the opening day, it was also announced that Messe Munchen has acquired 10% in Bits and Pretzels, which might result in a better financial position for the event in the coming years.

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