Redesigning Digjitale, Branding the resource of the community

Marissa Mayer announced a couple of weeks ago that it will change its logo permanently in one month and in order to build excitement until then, it will showcase a new temporary logo every day in the meantime.

On the other part of the world Digjitale, which is covering startups and entrepreneurs in Kosovo, Albania and the Balkan region, has undergone some logo changes as well, with the awesome support from a local creative mind Berin Hasi, who is known for his fantastic talent at Paper Communications a company working in Kosovo and Albania, and also for his work with other amazing creations like the one with 40Bunarfest or creating logos and symbols for different brands.

After we launched in the beginning with our own internal capacity the logo used to be like v1, and then we did some more sketching and we came up with v2.

and then something else….

To which we stuck for more than one and a half year, where the letters are simply the domain name and brand, while the color between yellow and orange is associated with happiness, intellect, and energy.

A couple of months later in August 1st, 2013, we launched with a new web-design while the brand remained the same, which ignited the community to send us feedback and ask for possible changes in the brand as well. They want to see us strong since we make them strong. Both sides agree.

This is where Berin stepped in creating something that represents what we do, what we focus on and what we try to promote out of the borders and bring down borders. It’s about the community. You see if you look at the logo, it shows you a place that tries to gather people around (note: forming communities) and keep them to make them stronger.

Berin explains that when you look at the main standard logo format, you see a frame that is open in different parts, which in general surrounds Digjitale (which also has a unique design in each letter) and means that Digjitale is around the community, it surrounds it and gives the opportunities to get in and out. This is an identity that identifies Digjitale. It makes it strong and powerful. It’s also a plain, simple and clean design, he tells us.

There are also two secret elements in the logo which we want you to find out. Digjitale has grown today to the number one base for the tech community of Kosovo and by doing so it is expanding rapidly into new territories, and establishing partnerships across the Balkan region. The community support makes stronger every day and that’s why we want to thank each one of them who believed in us.