REDO, comes to an end!

This years edition of the international designers conference REDO in Prishtina, embarked with a new concept focused on workshops and guest lecturers focusing engaging practices, international tendencies, unconventional ideas and processes, panel discussions, theoretical analysis and workshops.

Berin Hasi was one of the participants of a workshop on creating the map of Prishtina through typography, during which the participants created different maps of the capital of Kosovo with the usage of letters in a unique way. The workshop was held by Our polite society from Sweden/Netherlands, while other participants include Arvan Berisha, Albulen Rexhepaj, Taulant Bytyqi, Nertil Muhaxhiri, Noli Mati, Yll Hoxha, Norik Rizaj, Tak Qrk, Granit Halili and Xhansel Xhabiri.

This year’s edition of the conference curated by Bardh Haliti, evolves around the topics Architecture, the City and the (Situationist) concept of strolling, while the organisers made sure that the audience would be moving from one building to another, marching together to bring the conference closer to the city as a playful territory. Other names included Gregor Huber & Ivan Sterzinger, Linda van Deursen, Stefan Marx and Angry Youth.

This years edition managed to gather over 130 participants in different locations including the National Library of KosovoModelarium Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina and Tetris Space for Manipulation, while it was supported by: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Embassy of Switzerland in Prishtina, Limak Kosovo, “Une e Du Kosoven” Foundation, MDA – “ Management & Development Associates and IPKO Foundation.