REDO, going for third edition in Prishtina

The designer community of Pristina, Kosovo are preparing for the 3rd edition of the REDO international graphic design conference, focusing this time on having the event in various locations in the city during 22,23 and 24 of November.

Even though the date has been chosen in the same weekend as Startup Weekend Pristina, which was announced a couple of weeks earlier, participants this year will be hearing from international speakers some of which we already know and include: Gregor Huber & Ivan Sterzinger (Zurich, Switzerland), Linda van Deursen (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Stefan Marx (Hamburg, Germany), Angry Youth (Prishtina, Kosovo) and a workshop by Our Polite Society (Stockholm, Sweden & Amsterdam, Netherlands).

In its third edition, the conference will engage in a series of walks exploring the city through the streets as well as the locations where the lectures take place. Moving from one building to another, the conference audience will be marching together, bringing the conference closer to the city as a playful territory.

REDO will establish a direct interaction with the city and the context for the lectures that take place within it. For more information, please check, while the agenda will be up to date next week.