Scootaxi, fast taxi solution for Prishtina

The traffic in the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina handles approximately over 100,000 vehicles every day including cars, taxis, trucks and buses, and it’s a maddens on its own.

Little has been done in the direction of promoting green drive and removing old cars from the traffic which generate dangerous emissions of CO2. Public transportation is somewhat a mess as well and traveling by taxi could give you a headache during rush-hours.

This is the niche which a new startup called Scootaxi is targeting, by providing transportation with environment friendly scooters, which are fast and easy to maneuver during traffic rush-hour and they are monitored with GPS from the team of the company that limits the speed to 50km/h, to offer maximum security for the passengers.

Scootaxi will give the possibility to customers to travel all around Prishtina for only 1 euro, in good comfort and company of experienced drivers, while there is promise of an application launch for iOS and Android, which should include some interesting features that will give the client the ability to order taxi through the app. Go ahead and check it out, and let us know if your choice of transportation in Prishtina is a car, a cab, a scooter taxi or even the greenest option a bicycle.