Serbia to expand network of EV charging stations

A major state project is being developed to expand Serbia’s network of electric vehicle charging stations.

The Center for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (CEH-V) in cooperation with the University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, has estimated that Serbia needs around 150 EV charging stations, while the country currently has only 30 EV charging stations, five of which are fast charging stations along the highway routes, which can service up to three vehicles at a time.


150 registered electric vehicles

According to national data, Serbia has about 150 registered electric vehicles (EV), more than a half of which are electric cars and the rest vehicles such as buses, trolley buses, and motorcycles.

A solar-powered fast charging station, which recharges a battery in 30 minutes, has been developed by engineering firm ENEL PS and installed on Zelengorska Street in Belgrade, said Miloš Petrović, director of the Center for, adding that the goal is to install renewable energy-powered chargers rather than EV charging stations supplied with electricity generated by coal-fired power plants.

Recharging an electric vehicle is currently free at EV charging stations in Serbia, but preparations are underway to introduce payments, which will require registering vendors as electricity sale entities and securing collection software.

Petrović also said that incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles is Serbia’s obligation under chapter 27 of EU accession talks, which deals with the environment and which Serbia is yet to open.

Incentives for EVs are rare in the region, though discussions to introduce them in some countries are underway. Unlike neighboring EU countries, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia do not offer such incentives. EU countries, including Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as Slovenia, also have far more developed networks of EV charging stations than non-member states in the region. Albania has recently made some moves, including Electric Buses to the capital and electric cars for the police.

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