Startups, a resource for real estate in Albania

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking for a proper land space to setup a business, there are a few resources for real estate that you can use in Albania, and even there is even less action in the mobile side. is one of those choices, which customers are able to access online and just recently on the mobile side as well, in order to discover houses on sale, apartments to buy or stores for rent. The main part of the service is the search engine which goes through the daily new announcements from different customers across the country, while the user is also able to browse the latest ones or go through a detailed search, in order to have a better results filtered out for him. besides this offers also a comprehensive database of sales agencies acting in Albania, the possibilities to access resources that provide services, tap into a network of construction companies that can be available to those looking into building a new house, or access all of this on the mobile side. The mobile apps for Android and iOS, give a mobility to the user in regards to searching real estate options around Albania, and the good thing is that these locations are pinpointed on the map of the country as well, so you can get a better picture of where you are.

Whether you’re a buyer or a homeowner, your mobile device can provide the information you need to make smarter decisions, and one of the tools you can use for Albania is