The sixth round of IF Scholarships is now open

After five years of awarding scholarships to the brightest students of Kosovo and investing more than 278,000.00 Euros in their education, IPKO Foundation has announced the new scholarship round round for the 2014/15 scholarship year:

This academic year, each winner of scholarship will receive net 1000 Euro regardless of the costs of their tuition. Money can be paid directly to the student or to the university. If paid to the student IPKO Foundation will pay the tax costs.

This academic year students in their final TWO years of study are eligible for scholarship. This means students entering year three and year four at faculties on a four year cycle are eligible as well as students entering year two and year three at schools on a three year cycle.

Besides tuition awards, IPKO Foundation Scholars will have the opportunity to attend important technology events, network with business leaders and innovators from around the world. IPKO Foundation Scholarship is an invitation to become part of a large community of leaders, creative individuals and successful professionals; it is a ticket to a full swing of opportunities, events and projects.

More information about the application period, open houses and new criterias will be public soon. Head over to for more details.