Software Freedom Kosova, Day 1-2

Friday marked the first workshop and practical day of the Software Freedom Kosova Conference, which officially launched today for it’s open audience, and will be open until tomorrow with other lectures from great speakers.

The workshop was held in practical level with speakers like Dashmir Hoxha from Tirana, Janis Janovkis demonstrating the development of web applications with Laravel and Backbone JS, Georges Lebreche from Open Data Kosovo talked about data entry through MongoDB, Besfort Guri on CartoDB, etc. The workshop included practical things and hands-on demonstration.

Today during the official opening of the conference, the day started quite interesting with talks and conversations around Free and Open Source Technologies. The golden age of free software was the first talk by Glyn Moody, followed by Georges Labrche on Collecting, Analyzing, and Distributing Open Data with Free and Open Source Software Technologies and continuing with Doing mathematics with CAS Maxima – Ardian Gojani and Linux Software Defined Networking by Marian Marinov.

The day continued with an introduction to Firefox OS by Giannis Konstantinidis, a free and open-source mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, the non-profit organization whose mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. German Cloud and FLOSS Business Outsourcing Opportunities Thomas Uhl, Programmer’s perspective on the importance of free software was the next talk by Milot Shala and after the coffee break Janis Janovskis was talking about tips on how to set-up a great team. While Redon Skikuli closed the day with a talk on Centralized Decentralization through FOSS in public administration.

Tomorrow FLOSSK continues with it’s final day with other great talks and interesting conversations, while the audience is expected to be even bigger, so don’t miss your chance. SFK (Software Freedom Kosova Conference) is the biggest annual non-proffit conference in Kosovo/Balkans established to promote Software freedom, Open source software, Free culture and Open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.