Software Freedom Kosova happening this weekend!

The biggest tech event in the region focused on Open Source, Software Freedom Kosova is kicking off this weekend from 09:30 at the Philological Faculty, Red Hall with high experimentation around lectures, participants and workshops.

As every year, the responsible guys for the conference are the guys who stand behind FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova), a nongovernmental organization that supports and promotes the development of open technologies, while other supporters and sponsors are present as well.

SFK’14 this year will be the meeting place of people interested in free software, local and international speakers with experience in this field and for people who are interested in learning great things during practical workshops. Some of the names that will be present during SFK this year include: Glyn Moody, Thomas Uhl, Thomas Levine, Janis Janovskis, Ardian Gojani, Skikuli Redon, Georges Labrche and many others.

Besides the lecture day on the 25th, the conference will continue on the second day with specific workshops, which can be attended for free and can be checked out in detail at the SFK’14 website: