Software Freedom Kosova is coming up online on 26-27 September!

Software Freedom Kosova is an annual international conference held in Kosovo organized to promote free/libre open-source software, free culture, and an open society. 

Every year, SFK brings together developers and software users, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders to collaborate, learn and share common interests in the field of open technology through a combination of lectures, training, and workshops.

This conference is organized by FLOSSK, a non-governmental, not for profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of software freedom and related philosophies.

Due to the institutional regulations following the health and safety situation, this year FLOSSK is moving the conference online. The conference will roll out on the weekend, 26-27 September 2020 with a program of various presentations and workshops for this year’s theme: Sensors for Good. The aim is to deal with sensors as electronic components, the data they produce, the science derived from them, the software built to present their data into actionable information, and social implications. 

This conference is supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Skins Agency, Frakton, Gjirafa, Swiss EP and by the EEBO Project.

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