Solaborate wins people’s choice award at SAP Startup Forum

Similar to HP, Oracle or IBM, SAP has been doing a series of startup forums that signal a significant change in the company through which it is building a developer community and backing it up by a fund of $155 million specifically meant to help build an ecosystem for HANA the company’s real-time analysis technology and new crown jewel.

The 10th startup forum held on Thursday at SAP’s Palo Alto office, had about 60 companies present, at which startups applied and requested an invitation.

As part of the forums, participants had the chance to get developer licenses and training to help them get to a point where they can do something meaningful with the HANA technology.

Alert Enterprise, for example, uses HANA to do predictive analytics for potential terrorist threats. Next Principles is using HANA to do advanced analytics on social media data, while Solaborate LA-based start-up founded by Kosovar Labinot Bytyqi, part of who’s team is in Prishtina at the business incubator Innovation Centre Kosovo, uses also HANA technology for real-time insights.

During the forum in Palo Alto, Solaborate has been awarded the people’s choice award, while the start-up was also present at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, showcasing the niche social network targeted at IT Professionals.

SAP’s efforts to build a developer ecosystem started gaining more traction in April when the company announced plans for the HANA fund, through which SAP hopes that it can regain the glory of its earliest days when it disrupted the corporate world with its comprehensive business software. In those days, SAP turned on customers to the idea that software could transform their business.