StartQube, entrepreneurial skill development in Ohrid, Macedonia

This year, StartQube will take place for the second time in Velestovo in the mountain of Galichica (Ohrid)

This year, StartQube will take place for the second time in Velestovo in the mountain of Galichica (Ohrid). From August 20-25, the unique summer camp will be available to entrepreneurs and those who are starting or working on any business idea and also, to those who want to improve their personal business skills.

During the program of the camp, the workshops will cover the full A – Z scope of the startup life cycle including the development of an idea to a complete and self-sustaining business.

The summer camp is organized by STARTUP ZONE, the team who is behind the successful Codefest events. All participants will have the unique opportunity to spend 5 days of an unusual holiday; living together with the mentors of the event during the whole camp period and also to working together to develop their businesses according to the methodologies of the most successful entrepreneurs who already have the experience of building startups.

The event is supported by the Increasing Market Employability – IME which is a program of the Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) implemented by SwissContact as a lead partner, in collaboration with the local partner PREDA Plus.


Incubator and Accelerator Programs packed in 5 intensive days

The mentors at StartQube come from all around Europe, which makes this event the only opportunity to meet, live with, learn from and hang out with some of the best startup professionals. This benefit is probably the most irreplaceable part of the whole event.

“Our goal is to bring the direct experiences of mentors, such as their correct and incorrect decisions that helped them to establish their successful companies, to the people who are in the early stages of developing their own ideas.

This year StartQube will offer a full accelerated program and similar content as the ones from long incubator programs and accelerator programs compactly packaged in 5 intensive days” say the organizers.

StartQube is a set of many practical workshops which are organized in collaboration with many experts.

The idea is to familiarize the participants with all stages of creating a successful business – from generating the business plan and model, market analysis, access to customers, access to investment, pitching, and everything in between that is essential for a sustainable business.

This year all of the participants will have the opportunity to hear about the successful business stories from Macedonia and the region and to familiarize with those who stand behind them.


Applications open to everyone

Apart from the workshops, StartQube also introduces Ohrid and some of the interesting activities which are available in this picturesque venue. Some of these activities include paragliding, sports and hiking on the mountain of Galichica.

The StartQube program, through collaboration with the American Council, will also host two additional camps this year, one in Central Asia and one in South East Europe.

The applications for StartQube 2016 are available at: through an Invitation Request. After this, the applications are reviewed and all of those who are officially invited to take part in the event will be notified.

There is no deadline for the applications but there is a strictly limited number of accepted applications.