Startup Bootcamp at Dokutech by David and Zak Batstone

Visionary founder and Managing Director of Just Business, a social impact investment firm, David shares his unique model for developing successful enterprises that create an opportunity for everyone.

In addition, David teaches in the Department of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at USF’s School of Management. Together with Zak Batstone who has revolutionized the shoe industry by founding Z Shoes, a company based on the principle of producing shoes from organic ingredients will hold a workshop during Dokutech this weekend in Prishtina, Kosovo on the topic: “Turning Your Dreams Into a Reality” where the participants will learn first hand on how to start and run successful companies.

On June 9th, participants at Dokutech will have the chance to attend another workshop around empowering Girls through music and DJ-ing. This basically means that participants will get to learn beginner DJ Techniques with international DJ LiKWUiD (Apollo Theater, Lower Eastside Girls Club, Red Hook Initiative, Uptown Vinyl Supreme). Understand the interworking of the origin of Hip Hop Music, basic DJ principles, counting BPMs, blending, dropping on the one and phrase mixing.

On the second day, June 10th, participants can join the workshop on Art and innovation against the plastic epidemic The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! A co-creation workshop brings the expert knowledge together with the public ideation to uncover solutions and entrepreneurial opportunities. The message of the workshop: “We will ideate and prototype innovative ideas against the plastic epidemic.”

More details on the workshop and registration here.