Startup HUB Poland calls for innovative projects from Europe

The Warsaw-based non-for-profit foundation  StartUp  Hub  Poland (SHP) along with the Polish National Center for  Research and Development (PCR&D) and Giza Polish Ventures Venture Capital Fund (GPV) opens a new round of call for applications dedicated to inventors from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Mission of Startup HUB Poland is to help the innovators and entrepreneur from the CEE region to start-up high-tech companies and strengthen innovation in the region.

In 2015 over Euro 3 mln are waiting to be invested in ICT and high-tech projects from Central-Eastern Europe. Seed money (up to E50k), public grant (up to E200K) and a privat investment (up to E1MM) is waiting for founders of best projects: salable, unique, with a good, dedicated team.

Poland’s  economy is the European growth champion since 1989. It’s GDP more than doubled during that period. The recent report by The Economist along with the OECD Survey of Poland present Poland as an open, prosperous and business-oriented economy ready to undertake global challenges together with its closest neighbors.

Marcin, World Bank Senior Economist and the author of the World Bank report on Polandâ’s New Golden Age argues that Poland has a big potential to become the global springboard for innovative startups from the CEE region..


Startup HUB Poland – Creativity unleashed in Central-East Europe

There is a great deal of creativity to be unleashed in the CEE region. StartUp Hub Poland is a unique place for CEE inventors and business pioneers to prove their concepts,  work with experienced mentors and make use of grants amounting to up to 400.000 for the best teams said Marek Borzestowski, a founder of Wirtualna Polska, one of the largest  Internet portals in Poland and a seasoned venture capitalist, who came up with the idea of creating SHP.

Apart from money and career opportunities, the support and local expertise is crucial while moving to a new environment. SHP will help inventors with getting a EU visa and provide all necessary logistical support. The SHP  staff is multinational and multilingual, speaking English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Teams from different countries, carrying different experiences and competences should have a common space to work. The SHP will allow talented engineers and inventors from the CEE region to mix, collaborate and create new ideas and inventions.