Startup Weekend Prishtina kicks-off with lots of energy

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming close to an end in Kosovo, with dozens of events happening around the country and with the biggest event closing the week, Startup Weekend Prishtina.

It all started on friday with 13 ideas pitched and 8 teams formed, which are set-up to work hard and solve problems. The first night on Friday was a full house at Innovation Centre Kosovo with a big audience ready to listen to the pitches from the teams, while after the voting finished teams formed up and the hard work begun.

The ideas vary from a taxi application that will solve the issue of cab companies have difficulties to find your location to text-to-speech services that will help people with sight difficulties to hear different announcements and make their live easier. There are also teams developing games or applications dedicated to cooking. Saturday marked the day where mentors joined the fun and helped the teams to get on track and focus and shape their idea even more.

On Sunday starting at 18:00 participants will get the chance to pitch their final products at the local sports bar Filikaqa which is also open to the public, whereas everyone will get the chance to see what has been developed during the weekend. The winning team will be able to compete in the Global Startup Battle, while other teams are able to compete in other global circles as well.

In the meantime REDO Designer Conference is happening in Prishtina as well with international speakers joining the designer community of Kosovo to share experiences and give advices on how to get to the next step.