Startup Yard, new application window

Startup Yard has just recently announced a new application window for acceleration round of 2016, which is open for early-bird applications as well,

Startup Yard has just recently announced a new application window for acceleration round of 2016, which is open for early-bird applications as well, and the full application window is expected to open up in July this year.

Startup Yard is a seed accelerator that supports suitable technology startups to achieve success with the help of the right resources. The company provides the mentorship of established technical and business capitalists and peers to operate in A/B testing, UI/UX workshops, community management, copywriting, SEO, and more. Startup Yard was established 2011 as a part of the Global Accelerator Network and is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Partnering with CEED Tech

Like in 2015, StartupYard has partnered with Ceed Tech,  a consortium of 5 Startup Accelerators in the Central European region, including Startup Wise Guys in Estonia, Digital Factory in Hungary, Open Coffee Club in Lithuania, and The Spot in Slovakia, to make more magic happen.

These 5 accelerators will again share a common pool of applications, allowing startups to designate their first and second choice accelerators in the group. This increases a startupâ€s chances of finding a fit with one of the accelerators and getting funded.

Startups accepted to StartupYard will receive €30,000 in seed funding in the form of a grant from the European Commission, in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company. In addition, StartupYard will be able to provide follow-on financing of up to €250,000 for selected startups who show good future potential during and following the program. That follow-on financing is in the form of a gran and is given without an equity swap.


Startup Yard Selection

As in the past, applications will go through several rounds of selection. Initial screening verifies that a startup is within the general scope of business, and geographic area (Europe and other selected countries), that StartupYard recruits from, and that it is a real startup with a potentially global product. About 20-30 highest rated applicants then get invited for in-person interviews.


What is currently being requested

Startup Yard is looking for companies with products already on the market, but those who don’t have market ready products yet can apply as well. If you are a passionate person, a lifelong learner, naturally curious, and committed to making your dreams a reality, the acceleration program wants to hear from you.


Previously funded,, based in Prishtina, Kosovo was part of the class of 2014. is a full-text web search engine and a news aggregator specialized in the Albanian language. Gjirafa brings relevant information that will be easily accessible to over 12 million Albanian speaking people worldwide.

If you see your self-fit and want to push your startup to the next level, head over here for more details and apply.