Support Kosovo for Rio 2016 with a designated hashtag on Twitter

Kosovo is participating for the first time ever in Olympic Games

Kosovo is participating for the first time ever in Olympic Games and it’s sending eight athletes with high hopes to win a couple of medals. But while this is the first time for Europe’s youngest nation, social media giants are working hard to release relevant content that drives engagement. So far WhatsApp and Google, have released new emojis for the Rio 2016 games, and today Twitter just launched a bunch of new emojis to make things even more exciting.

Twitter is making available two hundred and sixty-two emojis for the Olympics, most of which are team flags that can be activated using hashtags with three-letter country codes (e.g. #KOS, #ALB or #MKD), but 54 of them are for either sports or Olympics-related symbols. The emojis will be available “in the coming days,” and you can view the full list here.


Country specific moments

The other big bit of news is the introduction of country-specific Moments. There will be a new Rio 2016 section in the Moments tab, from which you can choose to follow news on any particular teams you’re interested in.

These are the longest Moments Twitter has ever done, lasting for weeks at a time. This means that you can follow country specific moments and make things easier to filter content and catch up only with news, medal counts, stats and others for your favorite country.

Users will also be able to watch content on a featured channel on Periscope and there will also be a highlighted section in Vine.