Swiss Entrepreneur Laurent Haug joins Dokutech

Dokutech, happening this weekend on 8-9 August in the city of Prizren, Kosovo…

Dokutech, happening this weekend on 8-9 August in the city of Prizren, Kosovo is brining among other speakers Laurent Haug, an entrepreneur, observer, investor, strategist, and creative matchmaker for industry leaders, start-ups, policy makers, designers, and developers; guiding them through the intricacies of emerging technologies and the larger social and economic changes that shape them.

He is Venture partner at Anthemis and a partner at MKS Alternative Investments. Haug is also a founder of Lift, Switzerland’s first ideas conference on the subject of innovation, technology and society.

Haug has been honored twice as one of the most influential persons in Switzerland (L’Hebdo in 2006, Bilan in 2011), won a Swiss ICT award, and was named one of the top 20 Swiss entrepreneurs below forty in 2011.

His motto is to help people find ideas, and ideas find people. The Dokutech audience can definitely expect something like his previous presentation on How to start a startup which is definitely a good, insightful piece to read. Haug works with clients and projects in many different domains entrepreneurship, finance, media, technology, retail and facilitate the sharing of ideas, experience, and knowledge that lead to innovative action and new collaborative projects.