Talk to strangers with Hello

Trigonom, the company behinds apps like the Albanian Alphabet, Haluci, 4 Ninja and many others, has launched another app called Hello – Talk to Strangers, which lets you talk to a complete stranger for 2 minutes in a very easy to use interface. The Kosovo startup, which is expanding its base of educational apps on a yearly basis on both Android and iOS,

4 Ninja, new title from Trigonom

The company behind titles like the Albanian Alphabet and Haluci, has launched another game today called 4 Ninja, a “super-casual” style game with one-touch mechanics where you must tap the screen to the left or right to match the ninjas with the correct tube color.

The Albanian Alphabet comes to Google Play

Founder of Trigonom LLC, Mentor Pacarada who was one of the early stage owners of, now the number one news portal in Albanian in the Balkans, has announced this week that the latest version of “Albanian Alphabet” (Alfabeti Shqip)…

The Albanian Alphabet (Alfabeti Shqip) launched on iTunes

In the digital sphere, the apps around education are growing in number every day. According to The Guardian 2014 feels like a big year for apps and by extension tablets in education. Initiatives are already well underway around the world to…