Kosovo Startup Scene, a new market ahead

The startup scene of Kosovo is a startup scene in development, with its ups and downs, and not a consistent development path. The young country of the Balkans, which is often featured in the media because of political issues, is not often a place to be taken into consideration when you talk about the startup scene of […]


5 Insights on Outsourcing to the Balkans

A quick search on Google on the potential tech scene in South East Europe, also known as the Balkans, reveals some interesting articles and facts on the potential of the countries of the region.

Startups goes mobile

Not long ago we reported about a couple of services popping up in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo offering fast delivery solutions through the internet. While there were many that we announced, only a few continued to make improvements and deliver additional services to their customers. And that is yet again, which also was […]