Kosovo makes it’s first electric car

Kosovo’s Makerspace Bonevet has revealed today an electric car build on top of a Renault Twingo, by six young and enthusiastic students. Similar to the first Tesla Roadster that was delivered in February 2008 to Tesla co-founder and product architect Elon Musk,…

Bonevet expands to Prishtina

BONEVET in Gjakova, is expanding to Prishtina, working towards its mission to encourages the imagination and creativity through technology, arts, and science of the youngest generation of Kosovo. BONEVET has been established in Prishtina and expects first courses to start…

Kosovo’s maker-space is building their own Electric Car

An agreement signed between Kosovo’s telecom provider IPKO and the foundation “Unë e du Kosovën”

BONEVET expands program to Public Schools in Kosovo

One of Kosovo’s public schools in the city of Gjakova

Bonevet hosts European Makers Week

Bonevet hosted the first ever Startup Week European Makers in Kosovo through the accreditation from European Commission, Maker Faire Rome and Europe.

European Maker Week 2016 at Bonevet, Kosovo

The maker-space of Kosovo, BONEVET was part of the maker movement happening all around the world, implementing their best practices, and receiving acknowledgement…

Kosovo’s makerspace Bonevet, rocks at ICT Awards

The Albanian ICT Awards was organized this year for the fourth time in a row, aiming to present and recognize the biggest

Genuino/Arduino Day 2016

BONEVET for the second year in row celebrated Genuino/Arduino Day which is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. It was one-day event, organized directly by the community, where people interested in Arduino got together, shared their experiences, created and learned more.

Bonevet celebrates anniversary

Kosovo based maker-space, Bonevet has celebrated its first anniversary with some remarkable results. The Foundation UNE E DU KOSOVEN, has initiated the maker-space project BONEVET in Gjakova, Kosovo in 2014, to provide a stimulating environment for young enthusiasts to learn,…

Bonevet raises over 5k

The crowdfunding campaign of Gjakova’s makerspace BONEVET has managed to gather over 5,650 Euros and it’s continuing to grow as people are committing and supporting. The campaign has 9 days left to be completed yet the goal of gathering 4,000 Euros has been completed long ago.