The most exciting ICOs of the Balkans

Representing one of the oldest settlements in Europe, the Balkans Peninsula is known for pristine white beaches, beautiful mountains and historic cities like Sofia and Athens. If you love to travel, there are so many places to visit. Like most…

Bulgaria rising: Can a growing startup movement reinvent the country’s economy?

Facing the uncertainty of life in post-Soviet Bulgaria, 18-year-old Vladimir Davchev moved to the United States in the late 1990s to pursue his education and dreams of working in the stock market. But after several disenchanting years, he decided to…

Bulgaria joins anti-money laundering operation against OneCoin

Bulgaria’s Special Prosecutor’s Office said on January 19 that it was involved in an international operation to neutralize a large-scale pyramid structure involving commercial fraud, multi-level marking and money laundering through the creation and distribution of OneCoin. OneCoin, which has…

Bulgarian government sized Bitcoin now worth over $3 billion dollars

A crackdown on organized crime by Bulgarian law enforcement in May resulted in the seizure of more than 200,000 bitcoins – an amount worth more than $3 billion at today’s prices. ConiDesk reported that back in May, government officials seized…

Reused SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to launch Bulgarian Satellite

A communications satellite built for a Bulgarian operator will be the second payload to launch on a previously-flown Falcon 9, that operator announced May 5. In a statement, BulgariaSat said its BulgariaSat-1 spacecraft is scheduled to launch in mid-June on a…

Bulgaria goes all open source on its government

The Bulgarian Parliament has passed amendments to its Electronic Governance Act which require all software written for the government to be open source and developed in a public repository

Imagga Awarded Tech for Big Players Prize at South Summit 2015

Known for its technology for recognizing objects and concepts in digital pictures, has been awarded the Tech for Big Player

New investment opportunity from Launchub

One of the top regional acceleration funds, based in Bulgaria, LAUNCHub has just announced a new call for startups which will stay open until June 16th.

How your business will look like in 5 years?

What is the relation between innovation, training, smart cities, health, big data, mobile payments and finance and Cloud Technologies

6 Teams Ready for the 8th Edition of the LAUNCHub

Further to LAUNCHub’s new initiative Monday Office Hours for talking to the best tech entrepreneurs in Southeastern Europe, the Fund announced earlier today the selected six companies that they met during the past two months for the Eight edition…