TEDxPrishtina Women, this thursday

This Thursday at the American School of Kosova, the first of its kind TEDx event will be organised in Prishtina, featuring primarily Kosovo women as speakers. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis, and Prishtina so far had to TEDx events, but this one is the first one to be […]


REDO, comes to an end!

This years edition of the international designers conference REDO in Prishtina, embarked with a new concept focused on workshops and guest lecturers focusing engaging practices, international tendencies, unconventional ideas and processes, panel discussions, theoretical analysis and workshops. Berin Hasi was one of the participants of a workshop on creating the map of Prishtina through typography, […]


Webit Congress challenges the global giants in Istanbul

The rising star and one of most well-attended global digital, tech and telco events are about to break the traditional dominance of the Mobile World Congress and CES with amazing keynotes, 200+ first-world-class speakers and 8000+ visitors from 100+ countries. The biggest global ad spenders, digital, tech and telco experts, entrepreneurs and startups from all […]