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How to develop a solid marketing strategy

When you start working on a new product, how do you know your audience and how do you exactly define that the product strategy will work?

How design works

The term design is associated with your startup in many ways. Much more than you might think. Companies like Apple have led the way for years and startups like Airbnb, Square or Fitbit have design at their core as well. A resource we found out on the internet named Startups This is How Design Works, sheds more light into this important part of building your venture.

2 year old, launches with new design

Online education is becoming more popular every day and with it resources and content curated by users as well. Having this in mind terms like online education, massive online open courses or MOC’s, are not unknown anymore while recourses that…

40Bunarfest featured on AIGA’s portfolio

The American Institute of Graphic Arts – AIGA has been founded in 1914 and remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, and constantly demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage…

How to make an app in One week – Part 1

I had a free week some days before and I was wondering if it is possible to put an app into the App Store in less than one week. And it all started just as an experiment. So I decided…

The relaunch of Digjitale

Founded in beginning 2012, with a mission to focus on the promotion of entrepreneurship and startup scene of Kosovo and the region, Digjitale serves as a foundation for the online community and as a bridge to the outside world, by…