Wiki Academy II – City Marathon

In the continuing efforts of the citizens of Kosovo to improve the country’s image in the world, this year IPKO Foundation is organizing the second edition of the project Wiki Academy Kosovo II – City Marathon. Wiki Academy Kosovo is the largest project to be realized in accordance with the National Strategy for Digital Diplomacy […]


Digital Engagement of the year goes to Digital Kosovo

The Digital Community of Kosovo – Digital Kosovo has been awarded the title “Digital Engagement of the Year”, which is issued by the Digital Diplomacy Review 2013. The review aims to map out the best performing digital diplomacy actors, institutions, teams and units, and inspire others who are willing to make progress. The Digital Diplomacy […]


The Digital Diplomacy of Kosovo showing results

The hard work of the digital diplomats and the Digital Diplomacy of Kosovo is showing results and it’s going beyond the level of what traditional diplomacy does. It’s putting Kosovo on the world map and it’s getting it into the country lists of internet giants like Google and Facebook. After being recognised by more than 106 […]