What is GDPR? And how does it impact startups?

General Data Protection Regulation, or commonly known as GDPR, will basically overhaul how businesses process and handle data. To keep up with the huge amount of digital data being created, Europe’s data protection rules across the continent have been re-written and have been enforced from May 25, 2018. The new mutually agreed European General Data Protection Regulation […]


Cisco and Pioneers Partner to Support European Startup Innovation

Cisco and Pioneers Partner to Support European Startup Innovation with the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Applications Open in Europe to Harness the ideas, talent and passion of the European startup Residence Program ecosystem and accelerate Internet of Everything (IoE) innovation. Cisco and Pioneers, the global community for entrepreneurship, science and technology, announced today the opening of […]


How to name your startup?

One of the things that causes much of a headache for every entrepreneur is giving a name to their business idea, product or what else. There are different processes that one can use in this direction, including filling domain names and seeing alternatives, filling white boards and connecting random lines and brainstorming with the team […]