African Development Bank Launches Coding for Employment Program

Over the last 15 years, the African Development Bank has invested US $1.64 billion in programs to prepare youth for careers in science, technology, and innovation. The African Development Bank (, together with partners – The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, and…

Zuckeberg: Macedonia is a “Fake News” Source

In an interview on Thursday for The New York Times, Mark Zuckerberg shed some interesting insights into the Fake News conversation coming out of Macedonia. While discussing the scandal involving British data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, obtaining access to more than…

Facebook has a new anti-clickbait algorithm

The news algorithm has been tweaked many times by Facebook in order to keep posts relevant, but the update that has been announced

Facebook earnings, Parse, livestream and more

Facebook reported its financial for the fourth quarter 2015 during this week and according to Mark Zuckerberg himself, 2015 was a great year.

Facebook uses safety check for Paris attacks

Facebook Safety Check is a feature that allows you to tell your friends on Facebook that you’re safe when you’re near a natural disaster.

Facebook Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results

Facebook, Inc. today reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2015, which ended in June. “This was another strong quarter for our community,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO.

Facebook launches Instant Articles

In a dedicated blog post, Facebook announced a new feature that brings content from selected publishers directly into the Facebook Mobile App, making articles load much faster and aiming to enhanc

What’s happening at Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is the attention grabber this week, where the biggest mobile device and wireless service

Tech giants post quarterly reports

Yesterday, Facebook announced their quarterly earnings and gave an update on it’s community progress. According to Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook received a few government request from Balkan countries

Today, Facebook revealed the number of data requests it received from various law enforcement agencies around the world in the second half of last year, and the total number is 28,147 requests which impacted a potential of 38,256 accounts. The requests for accounts in…