Kosovo’s Decissio, part of Startup Yard Batch 7

The latest batch from Startup Yard in Prague, Czech Republic revealed some exciting new startups, building products around exciting markets.

StartupYard Announces Open Call for Data Economy Startups

The Prague-based accelerator, StartupYard will leverage its connections and experience to focus on deep

Gjirafa.com, search the Albanian web!

The search engine market, dominated by Google and followed by Bing or others like Yandes (Russia), is considered quite a crowded market for giants, however there are always attempts aimed at solving local search problems for communities have limited access…

Three teams join eye Venture’13 in Kosovo

Eye Venture is a yearly competition, organized by eye (Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs), for young students and entrepreneurs, from Kosovo and the Diaspora, with innovative and compelling business ideas. The goal is to promote the most outstanding candidates, invest in their convincing…