Gjirafa.com launches GjirafaLab, a regional startup incubator

The Albanian Search Engine, Gjirafa has just launched a startup incubator called Gjirafa Lab, which aims to offer resources

How to place your startup on the global map

Startups need a lot of support to be able to succeed. Without the right advice, guidance, smart money and peers around them, they are unlikely to succeed.

Gjirafa launches the Amazon of Kosovo – Gjirafa50

Gjirafa has launched Gjirafa50, an e-commerce platform offering a vast amount of products

7 Kosovo startups to watch

Proficiency in English, fast internet connection, young and enthusiastic people, close location to Western European capitals, VAT free operations for companies offering outsourcing services and commitment from the government to further improving business conditions are the factors that make

StartupYard Announces Open Call for Data Economy Startups

The Prague-based accelerator, StartupYard will leverage its connections and experience to focus on deep

Kosovo based Gjirafa raises $2 million in Series A funding

Techcrunch has shed light into the latest funding round behind the Albanian search engine, Gjirafa.com