How to use Google Maps without the internet

Traveling around in the Balkans is a bit frustrating in terms of connectivity and especially if you rely on your phone to understand where to go.

The Google map of Prishtina is now in 3D

When switching to Earth View on Google Maps and when tilting the view, something beautiful happens with Prishtina.

OpenStreetMap adds directions to its site

OpenStreetMap, a free and open-source alternative to Google Maps, and has launched a new service today focused on giving directions from A-to-B on its homepage.

Hook from Montenegro, connecting users in real-time

Hook is a platform which allows users to follow the movement and interaction of their friends on the Google map. Post text, photo or video at any time and at any certain place on the world map in the real…

HALO Trust using Google Maps for mine clearing in Kosovo

Google has amazing products in different areas, like Google Maps or Google Earth, which are used differently by many people across the world. Today the official Google blog has posted a guest entry from HALO Trust director Guy Willoughby that…