Instagram is not square anymore

Instagram announced that its users no longer have to crop their shots to the app’s restricting square aspect ratio. Now users can choose one of two additional layouts—portrait and landscape.

Tech giants post quarterly reports

Yesterday, Facebook announced their quarterly earnings and gave an update on it’s community progress. According to Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg

$16 Billion dollars for WhatsApp, but why?

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars (16 times the value of Instagram), spending 4 billion in cash and 12 billion in Facebook stock (an additional 3 billion stock will be included in the next four years) and the internet…

An active community from Prishtina on 500px

The famous photo site 500px, known for its high quality and high resolution images, uploaded by both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts, featured some unique work by a hobbyist photographer and visual artist at hart, Adrian Limani from Prishtina, Kosovo.…

Top 10 Albanian users to follow on Instagram in 2013

Instagram has more than 100 million users across the world, which post filtered versions of their lunch or their shoes, but regardless of that there are users on Instagram who know how to use the camera of their smartphone and…