How Cryptelo aims to protect your digital privacy

Do you believe that your data is at risk? Do you think that you control the data you share? Cryptelo is a Czech startup that aims to solve a major problem and ensure that data never leaves the hands of…

The Digital School of Kosovo

The Digital School (Shkolla Digjitale in Albanian) is a Kosovo-based start-up that is working towards teaching kids how to write code and become market-fit in early stages of their growth. In less than three months

Buildcon from Belgrade, between 500 Startups and Seedcamp

Buildcon is a web and mobile app for construction project management. The product, that helps engineers and managers

Tomi Kallanxhi presents

Buying or selling a house or apartment in Albania might be a challenge and remains in the classical form, while choices for rent stay limited. However there is a solution to this, and it’s called Founder Tomi Kallanxhi.

Interview with Albanfootball founder Alban Selami

Albanfootball is the one and only successful e-commerce site that exclusively sells the authentic Albanian Football jerseys…

Interview: Valon Sopi, founder of

Goodwerp, is a project management tool developed by a strong team based in Kosovo and US, that gives customers the ability to run business operations through assigning tasks, sending invoices or managing real-time conversations. We got the chance to talk…