How to return to iOS 9 from iOS 10 Beta

As soon as Apple released the iOS 10 Beta a lot of people rushed to install it, although turns out that the built is still really buggy and creates a lot of headaches if you use it on a daily basis.

How to install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone with ease

iOS10 is scheduled to roll out this fall, but those who can’t wait, here’s a very simple way to install it. Although you can find different options available on the internet, including the official one

iOS 7 development resources

iOS 7 will roll out in less than 5 hours and every developer wants to know more about iOS 7 development. While I was wandering around to get cool and awesome iOS 7 development resources, here are some of my favorite…

How to make an app in One week – Part 1

I had a free week some days before and I was wondering if it is possible to put an app into the App Store in less than one week. And it all started just as an experiment. So I decided…