The Central Bank Of North Macedonia says yes to PayPal!

While the rest of the world launches rockets into space and brings them back in one piece, talks about wide usage of electric cars or implanting computers into your brain, there is Kosovo and North Macedonia, that still have issues…

Laika, the Linkedin of the Balkans

The fluctuation of employees in the Tech industry is enormous. Companies are unable to find people for open positions for months, while tech professionals are always looking for a job they really want. They are not impressed not only by…

Slovenian and Macedonian telecoms regulators sign cooperation agreement

Slovenia’s Agency for Communication Networks and Services (Akos) has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Macedonian Audiovisual and Audiovisual Media Services Agency (AVMU). The regulators have thus committed themselves to regularly exchanging publicly available data on their activities and…

Do Balkan start-ups, lack the ambition to grow beyond their comfort zone?

Venture Capital funds are somewhat active in the Balkans, with investments news here and there. To shed more light into the scene itself, we talked with Tatjana Zabasu, one of the Pioneers of Venture Capital in the Balkans and who serves…

Slice, with $15 million in funding, is hiring like crazy in Macedonia

In a market of pizza sales that were expected to reach $45 billion in the U.S. alone last year, Slice operates a website and an app that lets people search for pizzerias in their area — over 6,000 nationwide — and…

Startup Macedonia, accelerating the Macedonian startup scene

Startup Macedonia is an Association created by a group of Macedonian startup enthusiasts, experts, investors

SC Ventures invests €100k in a Macedonian startup

South Central Ventures, a € 40 million fund dedicated to tech companies in the Balkans, has made the first-ever VC investment in Macedonia.

StartQube, entrepreneurial skill development in Ohrid, Macedonia

This year, StartQube will take place for the second time in Velestovo in the mountain of Galichica (Ohrid)

Google Street view comes to Albania

Google Street View cars will start to pop around the streets of Albania, giving a new treatment to the usage of Google Technology in the roads of the emerging destination for start-ups in Europe.

40 million euros in investment ready for Balkan startups

South Central Ventures is investing 40 million EUR in international business growth and development