World’s Best Looking Passport

The Kosovo Passport, is a document a document that was issued on official international standards in July 2008, yet browsing through the pages there is not much to tell design wise. It’s boring and similar to others. It’s a standard design with the usage of Kosovo’s flag all over the pages and off course it […]


Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries in Eastern Europe

Our region is not quite known to be a “clean” region and the word corruption is quite often in close connection with the government. Business owners may end up hitting government officials with bribes or end up in jail with different accusations if they don’t fulfil the market needs, and this is a fact of […]


Digital Kosovo!

Because of the problems that the citizens of Kosovo face online every day starting from registering on a website, purchasing online or checking in a location, IPKO Foundation together with partners has launched, which aims to promote Kosovo in the digital world equal to all others and also be the number one resource for […]