DOKU.TECH 2018 is bringing the world closer to Kosovo!

The next DOKU.TECH edition is coming this  August 4th  to its mother festival Dokufest in Kino Lumbardhi, with the support of our partners from SHARE Foundation and DOKUFEST. This edition will bring you a diverse selection of perspective flippers: people…

Codergals, the first hackathon of Prizren, Kosovo

The city of culture of Kosovo, Prizren, host to Dokufest, Dokutech and other events, hosted the first ever hackathon, aimed at girls how to want to code. CoderGals, an event held for 24 to 48 hours, was an idea which started…

Dokutech – tech, inspiration and thunderstorm

The collaboration between IPKO foundation, SHARE Foundation, and DokuFest, gathered an impressive line-up of speakers and participants for the third edition of Dokutech

Dokutech, breaking the unicorn myth

The most exciting tech conference of Kosovo and the whole Balkans region Doku.Tech, is around the corner and it’s happening on August 6th and 7th in the cultural city of Prizren, Kosovo.

Arikia Millikan – Gender and Tech – Is the imbalance damning the human race?

Arikia Millikan’s talk has a provocative title – is the gender imbalance in the tech world damning the human race? Arikia is the only speaker in the line-u

DOKU:TECH 2015 Kicks Off with Yanki Margalit

For the next two days I will be bringing you live blog posts from DOKU:TECH 2015 – where we are bringing the future closer to Kosovo with interesting and engaging speakers from around the world speaking on topics of design…

Arikia Millikan from Vice, Medium, The Verge and Gizmodo – Now Dokutech

Arikia Millikan is a freelance tech journalist and the founder of LadyBits…

Jan-Erik Nyrövaara from Helsinki Ventures ready for Dokutech

One of the speakers of this year DOKU:TECH is the co-founder of Helsinki Ventures, a startup accelerator focused in digital innovation in Russia and East Europe, an entrepreneur

Swiss Entrepreneur Laurent Haug joins Dokutech

Dokutech, happening this weekend on 8-9 August in the city of Prizren, Kosovo…

From Stanford to Yale – Elizabeth Stark flyes to Kosovo for Dokutech

Elizabeth Stark has taught at Stanford and Yale about technology and the Internet.