Metavallon and Ericsson Team Up in Greece

Metavallon announces its collaboration agreement with Ericsson as part of The Accelerator 2016 to enhance market access for accelerating startups in Europe and internationally.

Fatural launches new innovice tools

Fatural, an easy to use web-based tool for invoicing and payment tracking, is the latest product from boldUnderline, who’re also behind the cloud based project management Goodwerp.

Startup Pirates set sail for Albania

Startup Pirates is a one-week program, where startups have the opportunity and the tools to develop a business idea from scratch, and for the first time it’s coming to Tirana, Albania.

Bbooster Week, 24.000€ direct investment for the best startup

After succeeding in Canary Island last year, Bbooster Week looks for the best European startups to participate in their contest at Vienna.

infoShare Festival 2015, expecting thousands of participants in Gdansk

The beautiful city of Gdańsk will be the hub of innovative ideas from all over the world

Moonstone, an open source light wallet built on BitShares

The latest development on Bitcoin/Bitshare related news comes in from Kosovo, and it’s around a new startup called Moonstone

Pirates on the shores of Tirana and Skopje

Between February and June 2015, over 45 + local events called Pirates on Shore, are happening around Europe connecting entrepreneurs with Venture Capitalists and Business Angels. The Master Minds of Pirate Summit have teamed up with VCs to gather after…

Axosuits wins How to Web Startup Spotlight

Axosuits, medtech startup that builds advanced exoskeleton suits that help paraplegics walk again, is the winner of How to Web Startup Spotlight, the most important competition and orientation program for CEE startups

Startups, apply to Startup Europe Partnership

Startup Europe Partnership offers an integrated pan-European platform to help the best startups emerge from these local ecosystems and scale-up. Selected startups will meet with executives from the SEP Member corporations, including Microsoft, Telefonica, Orange, BBVA, Unipol Group and Telecom…

Interview: Valon Sopi, founder of

Goodwerp, is a project management tool developed by a strong team based in Kosovo and US, that gives customers the ability to run business operations through assigning tasks, sending invoices or managing real-time conversations. We got the chance to talk…