Techsylvania, tackling the future of online security

One of the most important events in creative industries, was held in Cluj-Napoca in Romania, during end of May, beginning of June. It is Techsylvania that brought together more than 400 programmers, managers of IT companies, and leading international businessmen who shared their experiences with each other.

Techsylvania, managed to bring an added value to the event through the marathon of programming for mobile devices, whereas some of the ideas included the realization of a device to replace PIN codes of bank cards through retina reading scanners of the eye, which could result in rendering the card only of the owner, and no one else. This was also the winning team of the hackathon, that was compromised of 5 students from the city of Cluj.

Some other ideas include the programming of a device that allows smart home appliances to be ordered by phone or tablet, or the use of electronic bracelets that stores data on hospitalized patients.

Techsylvania was held over three days, through a marathon that consists of programming focused on overcoming technology bearers and a one-day conference, attended by business and IT developers that came from USA, Germany, England, Poland or Bulgaria.

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