Tesla Convoy 2014, around the Balkans

The famous Model S from Tesla, is around the Balkan area and today the Model S with a bunch of other cars started a journey from the Smiljan village in Croatia, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, in order to promote the use of electric and hybrid cars in Southeast Europe, as well as inspire innovation and entrepreneurship.

On the 10th July 2014, during Tesla’s birthday, over fifty entrepreneurs and investors, gathered from all over the world to work a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. The World Tesla Innovative Network was born with the mission to act as a global accelerator for regional start-ups and one of the first results from it is the Tesla Convoy 2014.

The Model S will carry on a 2,200 km route in cities of the Balkans, including stops in Skopje, Tetova, Prishtina, Tirana, Podgorica, etc. while during this mission it will continue to promote electric vehicles and the need for such infrastructure. A series of lectures, presentations and workshops around Nikola Tesla will be held during the tour as well, from 18th until the 24th.

There will be also a competition for the next best Electric Vehicle, out of which there will be a selected winning project that will be worked out and coached by investors/mentors in order to proceed further into market production and use the new open patents from Tesla.

The Tesla Convoy has already started from Zagreb and several other electric and hybrid cars are part of it, while the Tesla will be driven by Sasha Cvetojevic. The challenge lies in the lack of infrastructure and the convoy has to improvise, from ordinary home sockets to industrial ones, and wall charger that everyone has with them.

The Tesla Convoy Route;

  • 18 Sept. – 15 hours, Zagreb Start a brief stop at the Winery Zdjelarev charge
  • 18 Sept. – Belgrade, Prodajn and Center Kika, Partisan Aviation 2a at 21:00
  • 19 Sept. – Nis, Square King Milan at 10:00
  • 20 Sept. – Skopje, Macedonia Main Square at 10:30
  • 21 Sept. – Tetova, SEEU Campus at 12: 00
  • 22 Sept. – Prishtina, Pristina Main Square 10:00
  • 22 Sept. – Tirana, Main Square at 16:00
  • 23 Sept. – Podgorica, Main Square at 12:00
  • 23 Sept. – Evening, Dubrovnik- yet to be announced
  • 24 Sept. – morning, Split- yet to be announced
  • 24 Sept. – evening, Zagreb yet to be announced

All stops include special events with political, academical and business figures, while everyone that is interested in the cars is able to join and have a look in practice on how they work.

So be prepared because a Tesla Convoy is coming this way.

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