The air quality of Prishtina can now be tracked

The air quality of Prishtina can now be tracked on the web on a daily-basis, thanks to the latest real-time measuring devices that have been spread throughout the city.

The air quality of Prishtina can now be tracked on the web on a daily-basis, thanks to the latest smart-city devices that measure different statistics like CO2 emissions, air temperature or noise.

70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from cities, which also present the greatest opportunities for protecting the environment. Prishtina’s mayor Shpend Ahmeti was present during #Cities4Climate Summit in Paris last year, where local leaders of the world met and united to act on climate change and speak with one voice.

The agreement that was facilitated by Mike Bloomberg aims to make cities and businesses around the world committed and act united in the battle against climate change.


The air quality of Prishtina can be traced online

In the light of these smart-city movements, Mayor Ahmeti announced on a Facebook post that the municipality now measures the air quality in 6 neighborhoods of the city and statistics include data from monoxide carbon, CO2, dust, radioactivity, etc. Pretty soon there will also be an open API available for developers that can utilize for different apps, however, those who want to see the data now can do so by accessing the web app released online by the municipality.

Air Quality of Prishtina – The web app


The app shows average measurements, which can be also researched individually. Based on the data, CO2 emissions seem to be above the limit in almost every day since the start of the measurements, while CO emissions vary from day to day, and sometimes are below or above the limit.

These indicators also show how the air pollution is present in the newest capital of Europe, and that serious measures are necessary. Cars and an old public transportation system remain one of the biggest challenges of the city that has an estimated population of around 200,000.

On the other hand there are already some new startups moving ahead with technologies to help build awareness, like atmotube that constantly monitors the environment around you, accurately measuring air pollution, presence of wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases, like Carbon Monoxide (CO) or clair B that has a crowdfunded campaign and is a portable air purifier that utilizes dual filtration technology.