The Albanian Alphabet comes to Google Play

Founder of Trigonom LLC, Mentor Pacarada who was one of the early stage owners of, now the number one news portal in Albanian in the Balkans, has announced this week that the latest version of “Albanian Alphabet” (Alfabeti Shqip) – will be available for Google Play as well.

The original game which debuted a couple of weeks ago for iOS, namely for iPad and iPhone, was downloaded more than 20,000 times and gave kids the possibility to learn the Albanian Alphabet in a fun and interactive way.

A lovely child voice follows the gaming/education process, while the user goes through the learning the letters, while on the other hand there are four other small games inside the app that expand the experience.

Despite having this big number of downloads for iOS, the company decided to follow the requests of the users and launch the game for Google Play as well, in a trimmed version with ads on top of it.

Yet again, the experience remains the same. Based on market information, Trigonom didn’t want to send the game towards Android, but eventually they had to back down from that decision because of the huge amount of requests from Android customers.

Not long ago they also launched the German version of the Alphabet app, naming it Das Deutsche Alphabet, and in short-time they will also launch the English version of the app, thus targeting a huge market of customers in the education sector.

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