The best laptop stand in the market is?

I’ve searching a lot on the internet from different YouTube Reviews, Blogs and Forums for the best laptop stand there is, and after quite some thorough research I think I have found the best one – made by Twelve South.

I came upon Twelve South while searching for a laptop stand that can perfect my set-up for the home office. I was looking for something sleek, clean and with a minimal design that doesn’t look so bulky as the rest of the products out there. I didn’t want anything with extra coolers or flexibility and other features. I wanted something with the right height and robustness that would be just perfect.

This was the case with Twelve South. While looking at their website I found out that they design accessories exclusively for Apple since 2009, and they are amazing at it. They are the Apple of accessories for tech equipment.

The accessories made by Twelve South have an amazing attention to detail, superb premium quality, and simplicity like no other. My favorite one: The Curve for Macbooks and Laptops. The Curve comes in two colors and is made of metal and has non-slip silicone grips on the bottom and arms. It has a beautiful matte finish and ergonomic design, offering the best functionality for its purpose. The screen positioning is just perfect with the stand, in great combination with an external keyboard and mouse.

Besides The Curve, Twelve South makes other accessories as well not only for the laptop but also for iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.