The most exciting ICOs of the Balkans

Representing one of the oldest settlements in Europe, the Balkans Peninsula is known for pristine white beaches, beautiful mountains and historic cities like Sofia and Athens. If you love to travel, there are so many places to visit.

Like most regions around Europe, however, the Peninsula is fast competing to produce revolutionary technologies. Here is a list of countries in the region to have a startup holding an ICO.


What is an ICO?

The term ICO stands for initial coin offering, a financial model that enables some startups to raise capital online through crowdfunding. ICO is common with cryptocurrency startups.

Usually, a company launching a cryptocurrency network like Bitcoin will come up with their own tokens and a blockchain-based platform that targets a particular industry. For example, here:

The startup asks for funding using valuable tokens like Ethereum tokens in exchange for their own unproven tokens. Once they develop their project and get their tokens listed on trading platforms, investors stand to gain profits.

Startups like Ethereum raised millions of dollars by holding an ICO. Investors have also made up to 1000 times their initial investments by backing the right ICO startup.

In the Balkans, here are the most interesting ICOs to have succeeded or are in the process of holding an ICO.



Bulgaria is one of the fewest countries in Europe to have retained its name throughout centuries. It’s also one of the few places where people shake their head to mean ‘Yes.’ Away from the unique culture, Bulgaria has hit the headlines several times thanks to their involvement in the ICO industry. Bulgaria’s top ICOs include:

Open Source Investment

This startup aims to bring together learners, scholars, and professionals around the world by recording their academic qualifications in a blockchain. Open Source will work as the immutable ledger where professionals can track academic qualification details of other members easily. Professionals will also benefit in that companies can view their qualification details and hire them with ease.

The startup will be built on the Ethereum platform and will use smart contracts to hold people’s certifications. Businesses will pay to get access to information about the most suitable professionals.

The ICO is much more detailed, and the good thing is that the presale is currently ongoing. The ICO will be held later in June, and the company is already averaging a rating of 4/5.

Vernam ICO

Vernam is one of the best rated ICOs in the Balkans. With an average rating of 4.5/5 in several top review sites, the ICO is taking great shape ahead of its ICO later in May. The Bulgarian startup is focused on the insurance industry. Their aim is to build a blockchain where insurance companies and consumers can interact. Individuals will be able to find the best insurance products and get discounts for Vernam tokens.


The history of Macedonia is long and interesting. But like most other European counties, Macedonia has been on the forefront of launching technology-related startups. In the ICO industry, the country is represented by:


Macedonia may be a mountainous region surrounded by dozens of lakes and greenery, but a new cryptocurrency startup wants to make it even greener. The EcoToken Blockchain platform will help companies interested in making the world a better place crowdfund easily. Based on the Ethereum network, EcoToken will rely on smart contracts to manage companies’ funds and secure them accordingly.

The company is currently holding a presale, with each investor getting a 40% bonus. Its ICO will be held later in May and will welcome investors from different parts of the world.



Greece is one of the most famous countries in the world thanks to its rich history. Its amazing tourist destinations attract about 16.5 million visitors every year. In terms of producing cryptocurrency startups, the 80% Balkans country is represented by the following ICOs:


Altindex aims to provide an automated index fund for ICO tokens. By owning Altindex coins, you will have a representation of the performance of top cryptocurrencies. Using theAltindex platform will come at the cost of 0.5% per annum, but their coins could have potentially high returns. The company’s ICO will be held starting 14th of April 2018.



25% of Slovenia lies within the Balkan Peninsula to the West. The country is full of mountainous regions and peaceful towns. But despite only having 2 million citizens, the country is a booming hub for ICO startups like:


The startup aims at bringing together e-commerce businesses with second-hand retailers. By tapping into AI and blockchain technologies, Eligma will help users find goods online with ease and resell them at the best prices. The company will incentivize the process and ensure that anyone can resell any useful product in their home easily.

So far, the company has had high acclaim online. Their ICOs has received high ratings, averaging 4/5/5 on most review sites. The company’s ICO will officially commence on 20th April 2018.


The company is a popular cryptocurrency website based in Slovenia. However, they have widespread reach through their use of numerous media platforms to spread the news. The company claims they will have a monthly reach of 40 million unique visitors and 500,000 subscribed members by the end of 2018.

The company is currently running an ICO that will end on 17th April 2018. The goal of the ICO is to incentivize citizen journalists who love investing in and ICOs.



65% of Serbia lies within the Balkans Peninsula. The famous scientist, Nikola Tesla and tennis legend, Novak Djokovic, were both born in the country. In the ICO world, Serbia is represented by:

Crypto Angel

This ICO startup wants to use AI technology to enhance human minds and improve decision making. Crypto Angel will mainly target AI developers who can use a blockchain-based technology to develop their models. As such, the Crypto Angel engine will also act as a cost-effective virtual assistant, like Siri, but more effective.

The company plans to hold an ICO beginning 16th April 2018 and welcomes investors from most countries around the world.


There are 13 countries with at least 0.1% of their land lying within the Balkans Peninsula. Some of them, like Bulgaria, have multiple ICO projects already closed all coming up. Some have fewer ICO projects, but they all are booming technological hubs. If you choose to invest in ICOs, research widely. The ICO industry is highly speculative, and you could lose all of your investment.