The Startup Yard Batch 7, one from the Balkans

In the summer of 2016, Startup Yard announced that they were seeking startups working in the Data Economy, on subjects like Machine Learning,

In the summer of 2016, Startup Yard announced that they were seeking startups working in the Data Economy, on subjects like Machine Learning, Security, Big Data, Predictions, and Trust.

“Today we lifted the embargo on the 7 startups that we have been working with since they joined the accelerator last November. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, cryptography are some of the tech they are working on “to make the world a better place”. Czechia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia and Kosovo are the countries the founders are coming from. ” said Managing Director of Startup Yard, Cedric Maloux in a Facebook Post.


The Startup Yard Batch 7…

Rosum (Czech Republic)
Rossum develops AI technology for large companies that need to analyze massive volumes of complex documents with high accuracy. Rossum’s deep neural network learns about the structural layout and content of documents, enabling finance departments and accountancy firms to automate complex data entry processes, and make all incoming documents, like invoices, instantly accessible and usable.

Cryptelo (Czech Republic) 
Cryptelo provides world-class, security-first data transfer, collaboration, versioning, and storage services. Using Cryptelo, organizations that must collaborate on sensitive data can enjoy the benefits of easy-to-use cloud or onsite storage and collaboration tools, in a completely secure environment that no 3rd party can access.

Feedpresso (Slovakia, Lithuania)
Feedpresso uses artificial intelligence to optimize your news stream, Feedpresso continually learns from you, showing you new information from trusted sources, and finding and presenting news you need to know while saving you from information overload and filter-bubbles.

Chatler (Hungary)
Chatler provides semi-automated chat management and performance optimization for customer care agents, and social media managers. It will help brand representatives to interact with customers faster, more effectively, and more consistently, using machine learning to constantly improve a brand’s online chat experience, while maintaining the human touch.

BEEEM (Hungary)
Beeem enables retail locations to connect with and sell to their customers directly on their smartphones, with lightning fast custom web apps powered by cutting edge beacon technology. Using Beeem, a retailer or venue can attach a web site to any physical object to create a rich online experience in minutes, for e-commerce, marketing, retargeting, and more. Beeem is instantly available on any smartphone nearby, without QR codes or app installations, with a single swipe.

Ouibring (Hungary)
Ouibring is for shoppers who want access to international products and prices, and travelers who want to make extra money. It’s an end-to-end, worldwide service that provides a trusted environment for buying hard to source items from anywhere in the world, and having those items brought to you by people visiting your home city.

Decisio leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to optimize and consolidate investment decision-making processes for investment firms, and the companies they invest in. With Decisio, investors will be able to make and execute their decisions in a clear, consistent, and timely manner, ensuring a competitive edge and strong confidence in group decision making.

In their official blog post, Startup Yard has announced that Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large of TechCrunch is going to participate for StartupYard’s DemoDay on February 22nd, 2017.

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