The University of Prishtina, opens 49,000 e-mails to the public!

The winning idea of Avdyl Gashi, in the competition of the University of Prishtina on Facebook to enhance the communication between students, professors and the staff of UP, according to which every student will gain an official address from the University, has been realized in a very awkward way, which resulted in 49,000 e-mails being leaked publicly for every potential user, which had a clue about a user name, since the password was the same for everyone: hasan.prishtina.

In the oldest University of Kosovo, precisely in its Computer Science department, many professionals have graduated and contributed to the development of the country, but in this project no one approached the University with a good idea of how to realize this and hand the emails in a proper and more safer way to the students, which will have a lot of troubles from this.


In the official press release it says:

To connect with the e-mail address, students must click the following link: where everyone can sign in with his username (e,g, John.Doe) and password: hasan.prishtina. The official emails for all students will be In case of technical problems or password related issues, send us an email at”

This project, that has its aim to reform UP, comes as part of the initiative of the Agency of the United States of America for International Development – Mission in Kosovo (USAID/Kosova) and the Office of the Rector of The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”.

According to the University this is called innovation, while in the developed world this is called something normal and it’s part of enhancing some administrative stuff.

With the students that we have talked, they have said that this project has been realized in a very unprofessional manner and everyone with just some novice level skills can get access into the address.